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Yabusame shinji, Prelude to the Aoi Matsuri!

Yabusame shinji (流鏑馬神事) is a type of mounted archery in which the rider shoots at a target from a galloping horse. Arrows with a turnip-shaped head are used. There is a theory that the etymology of the word Yabusame is a contraction of yabaseume and it is thought to mean to shoot arrows on horsback. Three targets are placed along […]

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A Simple Japanese Tea Guide!

Here a few popular Japanese teas . The area where I live has many famous tea plantation and is known as Uji cha. Shincha, literally “new tea”, represents the first month’s harvest of Sencha, a Japanese green tea. Basically, it is the same as ichibancha, “the first-picked tea,” and is characterized by its fresh aroma and sweetness. Use of the […]

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