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Yasaka jinja during Gion Matsuri!

Yasaka jinja during Gion Matsuri!, a set on Flickr. The deities of Yasaka Shrine are displayed here in the Yasaka shrine. On the 10th the Mikoshi Arai takes place (mikoshi purification): During the festival, the deities of Yasaka Shrine reside in a temporary shrine called the Otabisho. Before moving the deities on the mikoshi portable shrines, the mikoshi are purified […]

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Historical Events Today: 1582 – The Incident at Honnō-ji takes place in Kyoto, Japan.

The Incident at Honnō-ji refers to the forced suicide on June 21, 1582 of Japanese daimyo Oda Nobunaga at the hands of his samurai general Akechi Mitsuhide. This occurred in Honnō-ji, a temple in Kyoto, ending Nobunaga’s quest to consolidate centralized power in Japan under his authority. Oda Nobunaga was at the height of his power, having destroyed the Takeda […]

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