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Oda Nobunaga’s Seppuku: Honnō-ji (本能寺)!

Oda Nobunaga’s Seppuku: Honnō-ji!, a set on Flickr. This temple is the head temple of the Hokke-shu Hommon sect, and was established in the year 1415 by the monk Nichiryu. In 1582 Oda Nobunaga was attacked at this temple by Akechi Mitsuhide (the Honno-ji incident). Although this temple is famous world wide where Nobunaga committed suicide with his own sword, […]

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Ayagasa-Hoko (綾傘鉾) During the Yamaboko Junko (山鉾巡行) in Kyoto,2012!

The Ayagasa-Hoko (綾傘鉾) is one of the parasol-type floats that are regarded as a prototype of the Gion festival floats. The Ayagasa-Hoko (綾傘鉾) features a large parasol, and is accompanied by divine messenger boys known as “Chigo”, and a troupe of magicians and stick-twirlers during the parade. The members who accompany the Ayagasa-Hoko (綾傘鉾) float during the parade wear “red-bear” masks with long […]

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