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Futai-ji Temple: A Poet’s Garden!

Futai-ji Temple: Futai-ji Temple (不退寺) is a small temple not so far from the city center of Nara. It actually is on the “Rekishino-Michi” hiking path. Some of the sides on this trail are burial mounds of past Emperors and a few more temples. The path is about a 4-kilometer-long route and is a perfect road to stroll from Saidai-ji to […]

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Iwato-Yama (岩戸山) During the Yamaboko Junko (山鉾巡行) in Kyoto,2012!

The Iwato-Yama (岩戸山) float depicts the famous Japanese myth of the dark world returning to light when Amaterasu Omikami (the Goddess of the Sun), opens the Amano Iwato, a celestial-rock-gate, and emerges from the cave she was hiding in. Though called a “Yama” Iwato-Yama (岩戸山) has been a Boko-like drawn-type wheeled float since as long ago as the Muromachi period (approximately in […]

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