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Hiyashi Sōmen Noodles Along the Kiyotake River!

While visiting the Takao area of Kyoto I had some Sōmen noodles in a picturesque restaurant along side the Kiyotake River. It was a fine Autumn day and we where seated, Japanese style, by the open window, enjoying our meal and listening to the sound of the water and the occasional bird sitting nearby in some trees. I can highly recommend […]

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Kyoto Delicacies In Takao!

In front of the Saimyo-ji temple is a small shop that sells various kinds of Omiyage and Kyoto delicacies of the local area. The Takao region and the Kiyotaki river are dotted with river side restaurants that offer local Kyoto delicacies to the many tourists that flock here during the Sakura and autumn season. It’s much like the Kibune area in Ohara. […]

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