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Daimyo Nagai Naomasa’s Kōshō-ji Temple in Uji!

Reestablished in 1648, Kōshō-ji Temple, with its white Chinese-style gate, reflects the solemn atmosphere of the Zen sect. The slope between the riverside and the temple is called Kotozaka, one of the 12 Beauty Spots of Uji. Here you can enjoy the tinted autumnal leaves. In 1233, after his return from his study mission to China, Dōgen Zenji founded the […]

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Uji shrine by the Asagiri bridge in Uji City!

Last Friday (October 26) was such a nice autumn day here in Kyoto, I decided to walk around the Ujigawa River in Uji. Visited several historical places and shrines. Among them the Uji shrine by the Asagiri bridge. Here a little more about this shrine: When you pass through the shrine gate at the foot of the vermilion-coloured Asagiri Bridge, […]

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Red Maple Leaves of Tōfuku-ji in Kyoto!

As the season of autumn leaf-changing comes to an end, I decided to visit to one of the most well-known and popular sites for Momiji-watching (‘Momiji,’ which indicates the changing of the leaves), Tōfuku-ji (東福寺). Tōfuku-ji (東福寺) is one of the five great Zen temples of Kyoto, and is the head temple of the Tōfuku-ji school of the Rinzai sect […]

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