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Shōgatsu or New-Years Celebrations in Japan!

It is almost the end of 2012 and a few days ago I visited “The Black Gate Market” in Nipponbashi, Osaka. There were a lot of people looking for the best bargains to, end the year and ring in the new, in style. This market is quite colourful, there are a variety of shops and it’s usually very noisy. Have […]

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Nishiki-Tenmangu Shrine in the Shinkyogoku Arcade!

The Shinkyogoku shopping arcade in Kyoto is very famous with Japanese as well as foreigners, who come to enjoy the bustling atmosphere, get a bite to eat, hunt for a souvenir or just stroll around and explore the different hooks and nooks of this intriguing place. The arcade is also home to several temples, one shrine and old and historic […]

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The Monkey Shrine: Shinhiyoshi Jingū Shrine (新日吉神宮) in Kyoto!

During the autumn foliage of November I visited a number of shrines and temples that are famous for their splendid colors. While going from one place to the next in Higashiyama-ku, I came along this shrine near the Chishaku-in temple on Higashiyama dori. There was nobody in this historic site, although, I did notice that there where several sakura trees, but […]

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Shogunzuka Mound and the Dainichi-do Temple!

Last week I scouted out the Higashiyama driveway, a scenic road along the Higashiyama Mountain range in Kyoto. Along the Higashiyama driveway there is the Shogunzuka Mound (青蓮院の飛地境内) and the Dainichi-do (将軍塚大日堂) Temple grounds. Besides the spectacular view from the two observatory’s in the garden of the temple there is the Shogunzuka Mound. The mound, it is approximately 20 meters […]

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Arashiyama Hanatouro – Flower Lantern Road!

The other night we visited Arashiyama for a spectacular show of lights in the night combined with old Japanese sceneries, held from the ninth of December to the eighteenth of the same month, from 17:00 to 20:30. During this ten day period, various events and exhibitions are held, reviving up the festive atmosphere of the night. Students performers from universities […]

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Twinkle Joyo-Christmas Illumination!

In our hometown of Joyo, there is a December tradition of lighting up the local sports park with 550,000 light bulbs of all colours and in all shapes. Starting from the first of December till Christmas Day – 5:30 in the evening to 9:30 at night – numerous groups have made their mark with lights, building Christmas trees and draping […]

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