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3 Days of Autumn Bliss, A Carefully Selected Travel Planner.

Three Days of Autumn Bliss in Kyoto! A few days ago, I posted my first travel guide book to Kindle and iBooks. I have carefully selected some of Kyoto’s most scenic autumn spots. This guide book will take you on a three day trip through the ancients streets of Kyoto. On day 1, we’ll walk along the Higashiyama range and downtown […]

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The 1200 Rakan of Otagi Nenbutsu-ji (愛宕念仏寺) in Kyoto!

A few days ago, I went with some friends to Arashiyama, to visit some of the popular shrines and temples. We started off at Tenryu-Ji Temple and the famous Sōgenchi Garden. From there we entered the bamboo groves and made our way to Nonomiya shrine, Jōjakkō-ji Temple, Nison-in Temple, Gio-ji moss garden, past Adashino Nenbutsu-ji until we reached Otagi Nenbutsu […]

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Arashiyama Hanatouro – Flower Lantern Road!

The other night we visited Arashiyama for a spectacular show of lights in the night combined with old Japanese sceneries, held from the ninth of December to the eighteenth of the same month, from 17:00 to 20:30. During this ten day period, various events and exhibitions are held, reviving up the festive atmosphere of the night. Students performers from universities […]

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Rakushi Hermitage in Arashiyama!

One of the most important sites in Japanese literary history is this hermitage where Mukai Kyorai (1651-1704) enjoyed his solitude. He was one of the most distinguished disciples of Basho. Over the years many haikai poets, including Basho, visited here and it became like a haikai center which always welcomes haikai poets. Mukai Kyorai, original name Mukai Kanetoki, also called […]

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Strolling through Sagano’s exquisite neighborhood!

  We set out to this beautiful area of Arashiyama on a nice spring day. Though it had rained for days on end for the announced rainy season, today had let up and the sun was just breaking through. Sagano is a quiet neighborhood in an exclusive part of Kyoto. It’s the ideal place to stroll around and enjoy the […]

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Kameyama-kōen in Arashiyama, Kyoto!

Kameyama-kōen next to the Katsura River: Kameyama-kōen park is located in the Arashiyama area and the entrance is alongside the river. You have to walk away from the bridge and follow the path next to the river. After a couple of 100 meters there is a path that leads up the mountain. The peak of the mountain is about 340 […]

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Tenryū-ji Temple in Sagano, Kyoto

Tenryū-ji Temple is in the middle of Sagano/Arashiyama which is one of the most popular areas among visitors to Kyoto. The Tenryū-ji Temple , a Zen Buddhist temple, has an excellent Chisen-Kaiyu-Shiki (pond-stroll) garden that was laid out by a garden designer of genius, Muso Soseki (Muso Kokushi, or the Most Reverend Priest Muso, 1275-1351). Sogen-chi pond and Ishigumi (arranged rocks) in […]

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