Otagi Nenbutsu

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The 1200 Rakan of Otagi Nenbutsu-ji (愛宕念仏寺) in Kyoto!

A few days ago, I went with some friends to Arashiyama, to visit some of the popular shrines and temples. We started off at Tenryu-Ji Temple and the famous Sōgenchi Garden. From there we entered the bamboo groves and made our way to Nonomiya shrine, Jōjakkō-ji Temple, Nison-in Temple, Gio-ji moss garden, past Adashino Nenbutsu-ji until we reached Otagi Nenbutsu […]

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Hiyoke Jizo Bosatsu protecting Kyoto against Fire!

Otagi-Nenbutsuji-ji Temple! The temple, originally called Otagi Temple was first built at Higashiyama ward (Otagi District in the past) around from 764 to 770 according to the temple history. At the beginning of the Heian period (794-1192), the temple building was washed away when the Kamo River flooded. It was reestablished by Senkan Naigu (918-984), a priest from Mt. Hiei […]

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