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Seiryō-ji in Kyoto!

Seiryō-ji is a Buddhist temple in the Saga district of Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Japan. It is also known as Saga Shaka-dō. It is devoted to the practice of Yūzū Nenbutsu. Initially, the temple belonged to the Kegon sect; then it became a Pure Land temple. The honzon is an image of Gautama Buddha (Shaka-nyorai). The wooden statue is a National Treasure […]

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Hiyoke Jizo Bosatsu protecting Kyoto against Fire!

Otagi-Nenbutsuji-ji Temple! The temple, originally called Otagi Temple was first built at Higashiyama ward (Otagi District in the past) around from 764 to 770 according to the temple history. At the beginning of the Heian period (794-1192), the temple building was washed away when the Kamo River flooded. It was reestablished by Senkan Naigu (918-984), a priest from Mt. Hiei […]

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Arashiyama’s famous bamboo forest and the Nonomiya Shrine!

Nonomiya Shrine, or the Shrine in the Country, is a Shinto shrine in the Arashiyama district on the west side of the city of Kyoto in Kyoto prefecture, Japan. The specific site of the shrine changed somewhat over time, as the location of the shrine was fixed anew by divination when a new imperial priestess was to undergo purification before […]

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Nison-in or Ogura-yama Nison-kyo-in Keidai-ji!

Nison-in is a Tendai Buddhist temple complex in Ukyō-ku, a western ward in the city of Kyoto, Japan. The temple’s official name is Ogura-yama Nison-kyo-in Keidai-ji. The temple is a popular destination during the Japanese maple viewing season (the momiji season). The temple derives its name from the fact that there are two main images here—one statue of the founding […]

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The Jewel of Sagano: Jojakko-ji Temple!

This is a Nichiren sect temple. In 1596 Kukyoin Nisshin, The 16th head monk of the Honkoku-ji constructed this temple and lived here in seclusion. It is said that this temple was named Jojakko-ji because the region it occupies on Mt. Oguro-yama is as refined and tranquil as what is depicted in the teachings of the Nichiren sect. In 1620 […]

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Jikishian Temple in Kyoto!

This is a temple of the Pure Land sect known as Shohozan. It originally belonged to the Obaku School of Buddhism. The Zen master Dokusho, who inherited the teachings of the Zen master Ingen, founder of the Obaku School of Zen Buddhism in Japan, is believed to have first opened the thatched hut called Mosshoan here in 1646. Other halls […]

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The Deity of Mercy -Hokyo-in Temple in Kyoto!

Hokyo-in Temple in Kyoto! This Buddhist temple was built by Emperor Shirakawa in Heian Period and originally called Zennyu-ji Zennyu-ji. During the time of the northern and outhern courts, Mokuan, one of the diciples of a Zen master Muso Soseki, restored temple buildings with the patronage of Ashikaga Yoshiakira, The second shogun of the Muromachi shogunate. After Yoshiakira’s death, the […]

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