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Ginkaku-ji (銀閣寺) “The Silver Pavilion”!

Ginkaku-ji (銀閣寺 “Temple of the Silver Pavilion”), officially named Jishō-ji (慈照寺 “Temple of Shining Mercy”), is a Zen temple in the Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan. This temple has been known as the Higashiyama-den (Higashiyama Palace) of the eight Ashikaga Shogun Yoshimasa. After his death, it was converted into this temple in accordance with his will. The two-storied Kannon-den (観音殿), is the […]

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Okazaki Cherry Blossom Viewing in Kyoto.

Okazaki Cherry Blossom Viewing in Sakyō-ku, Kyoto is very popular with many Kyotoites and foreign visitors. The canal is lined on both sides with cherry trees. You can walk along the canal from Kawabata dori, following Niomon dori until you reach Shirakawa dori and the entrance to Nanzen-ji temple. At the moment there is a traditional water tour, on a […]

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Cherry Blossoms Hotspots in Kyoto!

Flower Viewing or “Hanami” is the centuries-old practice of picnicking under a blooming sakura or ume tree. The custom is said to have started during the Nara Period (710–794) when it was ume blossoms that people admired in the beginning. But by the Heian Period (794–1185), cherry blossoms came to attract more attention and hanami was synonymous with sakura. From […]

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Nehan-E Ceremony in Kyoto!

February 15th (in the lunar calendar) is the day that Buddha passed away. To commemorate this special occasion, in accordance with today’s Gregorian calendar, Tofukuji (東福寺)  and Sennyu-ji Temple held the Nehan-e Ceremony. Kyoto is home to many important temples and some display large and colorful painting called Nehan-zu in which the scene of Buddha’s passage into Nirvana is depicted. […]

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Hachidai-jinja and Miyamoto Musashi: Japan’s greatest Swords-man!

While walking in Ichijoji, Kyoto, I came across this famous statue of a swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵)! Miyamoto Musashi is one of Japan’s most iconic and legendary swordsmen, not to mention one of the best. Musashi fought with two swords in the way of the Ni-ten Ichi Ryu, and he was also famous for throwing his swords and sometimes […]

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Ninna-ji Temple Founded in AD 888 By Emperor Uda!

After visiting Ryoan-ji temple we made our way to the Ninna-ji temple which is a short 20 minutes walk along a scenic road. You could also take a bus or taxi. Like Ryoan-ji, Ninna-ji is a large compound of which the Nio-mon gate is one of the most impressive structure I have seen. It is huge and is flanked by […]

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Temple of the Mandarin Ducks: Ryōan-ji.

Last year during the autumn season, I visited the Ryōan-ji Temple (龍安寺) in the north of Kyoto. The temple is situated along a mountain range and is in walking distance of the Kinkaku-ji temple. This area of Kyoto is very scenic and attracts a lot of visitors from all over. Unlike Kinkaku-ji, Ryoan-ji is more spacious and a more relaxed […]

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