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Blazing the Yamabushi Trail!

Today we (October 11,2011) — my daughters and I — decided to try our hand at hiking Mt. Jyubu, which we visited a few days ago. Arriving there, we encountered a light rain, but undaunted, we decided to try trekking a bit to see what we were getting into — little did we know. The fee for entering Mt. Jyubu […]

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Kontai-ji Temple on Jyubu Mountain in Kyoto Prefecture!

Today I went on an ‘out of the box’ adventure to  in Kyoto on Mount Jyubu near Wazuka-cho in Soraku-gun. Relying heavily on the help of i-pad navigation, we arrived at Mount Jyubu, and as my daughter will testify, the road winding up the 685 meter high mountain was full of fear and excitement (mainly fear on her part). Parking […]

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