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Shinsengumi and Kondō Isami in Kyoto.

Yagi Residence: When you walk from Shijō-Dōri (四条通), towards the Mibu-dera temple, on your right on Bōjō Dōri (坊城通), is the old Yagi Residence (八木邸). It is located a little off the main road and a colourful shop is in front. The Mibu area used to be a small farming village and the Yagi family had sushi status. Therefore they […]

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Setsubun at Mibu-dera in Kyoto.

Setsubun at Mibu-dera: The annual setsubun festival is grand event ushering in spring and casting out evil in return for good fortune for the coming year. Although many shrines and temples hold their own version of the setsubun festival, some here in Kyoto have elaborate events. Mibu-dera (壬生寺), in the heart of the old Heiyan capital, is one of those […]

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Nishiki-Tenmangu Shrine in the Shinkyogoku Arcade!

The Shinkyogoku shopping arcade in Kyoto is very famous with Japanese as well as foreigners, who come to enjoy the bustling atmosphere, get a bite to eat, hunt for a souvenir or just stroll around and explore the different hooks and nooks of this intriguing place. The arcade is also home to several temples, one shrine and old and historic […]

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Kikusui-hoko (菊水鉾) During the Yamaboko Junko (山鉾巡行) in Kyoto,2012!

The Kikusui-hoko (菊水鉾) float derives its name from the Kikusui-i (literally “the well of chrysanthemum water”), a well that has been in this neighborhood since long ago. The original Kikusui-hoko (菊水鉾) float was burned down during the civil war of 1864. After an absence of 88 years the present float was built in 1952 to take part in the parade. The […]

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Oda Nobunaga’s Seppuku: Honnō-ji (本能寺)!

Oda Nobunaga’s Seppuku: Honnō-ji!, a set on Flickr. This temple is the head temple of the Hokke-shu Hommon sect, and was established in the year 1415 by the monk Nichiryu. In 1582 Oda Nobunaga was attacked at this temple by Akechi Mitsuhide (the Honno-ji incident). Although this temple is famous world wide where Nobunaga committed suicide with his own sword, […]

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Kiya-machi-dori (木屋町 ) and the Takase River at Night in Kyoto!

After visiting Maruyama park in the Gion district we drove towards the Sanjo~Ohashi bridge and then turned into Kiya-machi street. During the sakura season this picturesque street is a real jewel. The whole road is lighted up, there are lanterns, couples are walking in this romantic setting. Restaurants and bars line the street and there is a certain ambiance in […]

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