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Hachidai-jinja and Miyamoto Musashi: Japan’s greatest Swords-man!

While walking in Ichijoji, Kyoto, I came across this famous statue of a swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵)! Miyamoto Musashi is one of Japan’s most iconic and legendary swordsmen, not to mention one of the best. Musashi fought with two swords in the way of the Ni-ten Ichi Ryu, and he was also famous for throwing his swords and sometimes […]

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Setsubun at Yoshida Shrine (吉田神社) in Kyoto!

Last week-end it was Setsubun here in Japan, and in Kyoto, there are many shrines and temples that celebrate this festivals. One such shrine is the Yoshida Shrine (吉田神社) on Mount Yoshida here in Kyoto. Setsubun at Yoshida Shrine (吉田神社) in Kyoto is a yearly event held in the beginning of February! The Setsubun festival is held from the 2nd, […]

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Otoyo Shrine (大豊神社) on the Tetsugaku no Michi!

Last year during the autumn season I walked a long the Philosopher’s Path in Northern Kyoto. The path streches all the way from Ginkaku-ji temple to Nanzen-ji temple. It is more famous during the sakura season, the majority of trees are sakura, although there are some augumn colours to be seen. There are many smaller temples, shops, restaurants and coffee […]

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Kumano Nyakuoji Shrine, Philosophers Path!

Kumano Nyakuoji Shrine is one of three Kumano shrines in Kyoto as well as Imakumano Jinja and Kumano Jinja and is located in the South end of Path of Philosophy. It is known as one of the three “Kumano” of Kyoto. It became a guardian shrine in “Nyakuoji” area. It was established by ex-emperor Go-Shirakawa in 1160 as a guardian shrine […]

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The Shin’en Gardens of Heian Jingu!

The Shin’en Gardens of Heian Jingu!, a set on Flickr. The Shin’en consists of four gardens which surround the main shrine buildings on the south, west, middle, and east. With a total area of approximateley 33,000 square meters, these stroll-style landscape gardens are designated as a national scenic spot representative of Meiji-era (1868-1912) garden design. Nishi Shin’en (West Garden) The […]

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The Gardens of the Manshu-in Shoin!

The Gardens of the Manshu-in Shoin!, a set on Flickr. Located in northern Kyoto, this temple is reputable for its ‘shoin’ architectural style, typical of the early Edo period. Its garden is designed as a boat on the water, and is also well known for its beautiful style. Manshu-in (曼殊院), also known as the Manshuin Monzeki, is a Tendai temple […]

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Shinnyo-do Temple (真正極楽寺) in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto!

With the Sakura season rapidly approaching, I wanted to take a look at some possible good sites that I did not explore yet.  Along Shirakawa dori a sign always caught my attention, it said 200 meters to the Shinnyo-do temple. It was a pleasant surprise to find myself climbing some steep path and seeing in front of me the red […]

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