Uji City

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Treasures of the Shirakawa Village in Uji City!

The Hakusan Shrine: The Hakusan Shrine is located in the Shirakawa Village, a quiet small village in the mountains, which is located southeast of the Uji Bridge, just over the hill. It is said that the shrine was built when smallpox spread in the latter half of the eight century, in the hope of a cure. Later it became a […]

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The Uji Bridge Rich in History!

It is said that the original bridge was constructed in 646 by the Buddhist priest Doto of the Genko-ji Temple in Nara. It is one of the oldest bridges in Japan. The history is carved in the “Ujibashi Danhi” in Hashidera Temple. The Uji Bridge is referred to in Waka as well as in The Tale of Genji and was […]

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Byōdō-in Temple in Uji City!

Our Visit to Byōdō-in (平等院) Temple! We visited Byōdō-in (平等院) on a beautiful autumn day – so warm that we didn’t even need our jackets. Byodo-in is located in Uji; a suburb of Kyoto surrounded by several important world heritage sites. Among them are Ujigami-jinya, a world heritage site, and Mimuroto-ji, with its beautiful garden and pagoda.  Off the famous […]

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