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Sakura on The Banks of the Tama River!

There are around 500 cherry trees, which are illuminated at night, on the bank of the Tama River. Under the trees, many festival booths organized by various groups stand side by side and attract many people. The Sakura is in full bloom here and perhaps will last another week. This Sakura spot has a light up. It’s on the JR […]

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Taka-jinja: One of the One Hundred Famous Views of Kyoto!

A Few days ago I visited Taka-jinja. Right at the entrance there is a horse statue with a crest on its side. I don’t know the meaning of it though. As you go up the steep stairs (there are quite a few) you reach the main temple area. I was quite surprised to still find an original new-years celebratory dragon […]

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Stone Carvings: Taniyama-Fudosan!

The Taniyama-Fudosan is located near the Fudogawa River, just a little bit up the road from the Fudogawa park in Ide-cho. It’s a little obscure and you have to climb many steps to get to the temple area. There is also a spot where the devoted monks can stand under an improvised waterfall for religious training. If you go further […]

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Onono-Komachi: Japan’s Most Beautiful Poet!

Onono-Komachi was a poet from the early Heian period and is known as one of the Rokkasen or Thirty Rokkasen, a group of famous writers mentioned in the book ‘Kanojo’ written by Kino-tsurayuki. Though it is certain that she served in the Imperial Court during the time of Emperor Nin-myou (833-850), her life was shrouded in mystery, and other than […]

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