Local Gems

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Stone Carvings: Taniyama-Fudosan!

The Taniyama-Fudosan is located near the Fudogawa River, just a little bit up the road from the Fudogawa park in Ide-cho. It’s a little obscure and you have to climb many steps to get to the temple area. There is also a spot where the devoted monks can stand under an improvised waterfall for religious training. If you go further […]

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Onono-Komachi: Japan’s Most Beautiful Poet!

Onono-Komachi was a poet from the early Heian period and is known as one of the Rokkasen or Thirty Rokkasen, a group of famous writers mentioned in the book ‘Kanojo’ written by Kino-tsurayuki. Though it is certain that she served in the Imperial Court during the time of Emperor Nin-myou (833-850), her life was shrouded in mystery, and other than […]

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Genkuji Temple in Chushojima, Kyoto!

While walking around the Chushojima area a little while ago, I came across this small Buddhist temple, just a few meters of the main arcade in a small side street. Here a little more about its rich history: Also known as Hokaizan, this Jodo shu (Pure Land school of Japanese Buddhism) temple numbers one of the 25 temples of Enko […]

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