Aodani Bairin

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Plum Blossom in Joyo City: Aodani Bairin!

Spring is almost here and its time to celebrate! Soon the sakura season will commence and Kyoto, and for that matter every town big or small, will be packed with people enjoying the start of spring. Before that though, there is another matsuri that is held all over the country, the plum blossom festival or the bairin matsuri. A few […]

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Aodani Bairin: Plum Blossom Matsuri in Joyo!

One often hears the people of Japan saying that among flowers, their favorite is the plum. In the hilly southern region of Joyo City one can find the Aodani Bairin; it is a name which has been known since old times and a place which is often visited by plum-watchers. Other than the natural attractions and beautiful landscape, there is […]

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