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Okichan Dolphin Show in Okinawa!

The Ocean Expo Park in Okinawa is a two hour drive from Naha and is a large recreational park along the Pacific ocean. They have a daily Okichan Dolphin Show that lasts about 20 minutes. This is the complete show, there was a lot of wind and it was slightly raining on and off. A grey day to say the […]

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Shuri-jo (首里城) Castle Park in Naha, Okinawa!

While visiting Naha in Okinawa, I took the opportunity to visit the Shuri-jo (首里城) Castle Park. It is one of those must see things if you visit the island. The castle sits on a hill and has a splendid view of the Pacific ocean. Because of WW2 and the bombardments on Okinawa, every thing was destroyed. What there is today […]

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Above the Waves Shrine: Naminoue-gū in Naha!

While in Okinawa at the beginning of the year, we visited the Naminoue-gū shrine. It’s the main Shinto shrine for the island and because it was still during the new-Years celebration, there were still many worshippers offering their prayers and getting the omikuji slips. There are not so many Shinto shrines in Okinawa, I am so used to Kyoto (there […]

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Island Sake of Okinawa: Awamori!

In the beginning of January, our family visited Okinawa for a short new-years holiday. A friend from my Facebook page had recommended to eat some of Okinawa’s local dishes and for sure to try  “awamori” to wash it all down. Well, we did and we were pleasantly surprised at its nice taste. I took some home and tried it with […]

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Habushu: Okinawan Snake Wine!

While in Okinawa, walking along the famous Kokusai dori street, one sees many liquor stores. Okinawa is famous for its “Awamori” shōchū. If you take a closer look you’ll see large jars with 2 snakes in them, their mouths wide open. Its called “Habushu”! Didn’t by that kind, although I got a plain awamori bottle as omiyage. here a little […]

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Kaifuku-ji Temple: Founded by Priest Ingen in 1658!

Kaifuku-ji Temple: Founded by Priest Ingen in 1658!, a set on Flickr. Kaifuku-ji Temple was founded by a Chinese priest Ingen in 1658. It was built in Fukagawa of Koto Ward but was transferred to the current site in 1910. This temple belongs to the Obaku-sect of Buddhism and was the only sect which was spread by the Chinese Buddhist […]

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Iga-Ueno Castle: The White Phoenix of Iga City!

The Iga region, surrounded by nine villages in four directions is called “The Ninja village”. Situated on the town’s northern hill, the three chalky white levels of Iga-Ueno Castle create a beautiful image in the quiet surrounding area. Iga-Ueno Castle carries the elegant name of “The White Phoenix”. In 1585 the Iga region was ruled by Tsutsui Sadatsugu (筒井 定次), who […]

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