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Travelling Adventures in Shigaraki, Shiga-ken!

White day in Japan: Today is “White Day” here in Japan and for those who do not know what this meaneth, well, it’s the opposite of Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day “Girls-Ladies and wife’s” give to us “men” chocolate. Cool right? Well, on White day we need to return that favor.For the occasion, I went with my wife to a […]

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Iwama-dera: High-up on Iwamazan in Ōtsu-shi!

Last week Friday (13th) we, my friend Barry and I, went for a hike in the Kasatori area of Kyoto. It was a fine day and although we had an early start it started to get hot very quickly. After a steep climb we arrived at our first destination, the tranquil mountain shrine of Seiryu Gu (清瀧宮), in the small […]

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