Todaiji Temple

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Nigatsu-dō (二月堂) in the precincts of the Tōdai-ji temple (東大寺) in Nara (奈良市)!

Tōdai-ji temple (東大寺) in Nara is a very large compound with many different temples and shrines attached to it. It’s a lot of fun to walk around and visit these less popular places. The Nigatsu-dō (二月堂) is a very impressive, massive structure, located on a hillside of Mount Wakakusa in Nara, it gives a commanding view of the city! Nigatsu-dō […]

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Tōdai-ji or the “Eastern Great Temple” in Nara.

Floods of people pass through the entrance to of Tōdai-ji everyday, all there to enjoy the amazing sights of . The entrance path is lined with several colorful souvenir shops and is the pit stop for rickshaw carts. You can usually see deer wandering the streets freely, so make sure that all pamphlets and anything made of paper is hidden securely away […]

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