Kyōto Gosho

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OikeNiwa Garden at the Kyoto Imperial Palace!

Japanese gardens are renowned for their simplicity and beauty and the Oikeniwa garden is one such example. It is a landscape garden and features a spacious pond with it’s strolling pathway around the pond. The front shoreline called Suhama is covered with pebbled stones and a path of large unevenly shaped stepping stones leads down to the water’s edge. Various […]

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Kyoto Imperial Palace!

Last week Thursday the 1st day of November the Kyoto Imperial Palace held its annual autumn open door event. It was a fine day and I took the opportunity to go for a visit. I wasn’t the only one with that idea though. The entrance was very busy and more and more groups where arriving in typical Japanese fashion, a […]

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Gonaitei Garden in Kyoto Goshou!

This is the Gonaitei Garden, it is the Emperor’s private garden. The meandering stream flowing through the garden is spanned by earthen, stone and wooden bridges. At the bottom right of the garden, there is a tea house called Kintai. See the other pictures of the Kyoto Imperial Palace here! The Emperor’s Private Garden: Gonaitei!

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