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Kokuzo-san: Kōnin-ji Temple!

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Kokuzo-san: Konin-ji Temple!, a set on Flickr.

The main hall of Konin-ji Temple!

It’s a bit of a climb up, about 100 meters of stairs through a pine forest. Once you arrive at the Kōnin-ji Temple gate, you’ll immediately impressed with the serenity of the temple grounds. Its quiet, there are a lot of trees and places to sit and enjoy the stillness. The paintings on the main hall are gorgeous, all in all this is a nice place.

The Kōnin-ji Temple (弘仁寺) is located in the middle of a mountain, 180 meters above sea level. It is said that Priest Kobo Daishi built in 814 by Imperial edict of the Emperor Saga. It was rebuilt in 1629 after burning. There is Wooden Kokuzo Bodhisattva from which thirteen-year-old children are given wisdom, so the children who reach thirteen years old visit this temple with their parents on April 13th.

The Kōnin-ji Temple is sometimes called the Kokuzo-san ( deity of Wisdom) in Takahi. It houses the Sangaku, unique votive tablets with math questions and their solutions written on them. They date back from the Edo Era (1603-1867), which were hung up at the outer space in the temple hall.

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