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Obitoke-dera Temple In Nara!

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Obitoke-dera Temple In Nara!, a set on Flickr.

This was our first stop on the second part of the Yamanobe-no-Michi trail. A famous temple for would be mothers and a history of visitors such as Empress Fujiwara Akiko, the Imperial Princess Michiko, the wife of the crown prince and other dignitaries.
This temple was built in 858. When the Empress Fujiwara Akiko was pregnant, she prayed to have an easy birth. As a result, she had a baby safely. Since then this temple has been believed as a prayer’s temple for easy birth. A lot of pregnant mothers visit here from all over Japan. It is customary in Japan that when a women is five month pregnant, she comes to this temple and gets a maternity cotton sash 30 cm wide and wraps it on her stomach to protect and keep a baby warm and safe.

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