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Nagoshi-no-Harae at Kifune Shrine in Kyoto.

Summer Purification at Kifune shrine in Kyoto: The annual Nagoshi-no-harae (夏越の祓) or “Summer Purification” is celebrated at the end of the first 6 months of the year. Thus June 30th is a day when many people all over Japan visit a shrine to purify themselves from misdeeds and impurities. Most shrines set up a “chinowa” wreath and after a small […]

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Nagoshi-no-harae, at the Kitano Tenman-gū!

“Great Purification”: On this day people go to a shrine and pass through a chinowa (gate of reed) to be purified of all defilements (kegare) and protected from misfortune. A few days ago it was Nagoshi-no-harae (夏越の祓) or “Summer Purification” at the Kitano Tenman-gū (北野天満宮) in Kyoto! On the last day of the sixth or seventh month (called Nagoshi-no-harae  or […]

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