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Kawadoko: Exquisite River Dining in Kibune.

Kawadoko at Kifune Hyōe Restaurant: Kawadoko on fathers day! My daughter, invited me to have lunch in Kibune along the famous River with the same name. The Kibune area in Kyoto is famous for its kawadoko style kaiseki dining. From May till the end of September, a platform called Kawadoko, is set up across the River. Kibune is located between […]

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Nagoshi-no-Harae at Kifune Shrine in Kyoto.

Summer Purification at Kifune shrine in Kyoto: The annual Nagoshi-no-harae (夏越の祓) or “Summer Purification” is celebrated at the end of the first 6 months of the year. Thus June 30th is a day when many people all over Japan visit a shrine to purify themselves from misdeeds and impurities. Most shrines set up a “chinowa” wreath and after a small […]

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Tamayori Hime Built Oku-no Miya in Kibune!

If you walk all the way up the Kibune Road, roughly about 200 meters or so, one of the original great yorishiro, you will see a great tree surrounded by a sacred rope called shimenawa. This pine tree is grown from a single root and is a Double trunk or twin trunked tree. It’s been said, it’s a symbol of […]

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