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Famous Birthdays Today: 1313-Emperor Kogon of Japan.

Emperor Kōgon (光厳天皇 Kōgon-tennō) (August 1, 1313 – August 5, 1364) was the 1st of Ashikaga Pretenders during the Period of the Northern and Southern Courts in Japan. According to pre-Meiji scholars, his reign spanned the years from 1332 through 1334. Events of Kōgon’s life: In his own lifetime, Kōgon and those around him believed that he occupied the Chrysanthemum […]

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Jidai Matsuri: Festival of Ages in Kyoto City!

Jidai Matsuri is one of Kyoto’s Big Three festivals, the other two being Aoi Matsuri and Gion Matsuri. Jidai Matsuri is always held on October the 22nd (though the actual festivities begin on October the 15th), which is what many see as Kyoto’s birthday, as that is the day that Emperor Kanmu, in the year 794, moved the capital from […]

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