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47 Ronin: the Epic Tale of Loyalty!

47 Ronin Warriors and Akō City: 47 Ronin Warriors: after visiting Himeji castle and spending a wonderful evening along the Seto Inland Sea (瀬戸内海), I visited the Akōōishi Shrine (赤穂大石神社) and the 47 Ronin Warriors (四十七士). The entrance to the shrine is lined with statues of these Lordless samurai. Inside the shrine is a small museum and along the outside […]

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The strolling garden of Gansui-no-niwa in Raigo-in Temple!

The strolling garden of Gansui-no-niwa in Raigo-in Temple!, a set on Flickr. One of the sub-temples of Sennyu-ji temple, Raigo-in temple, was reportedly founded by Fujiwara Nobufusa when the court noble became a devout believer in Rev. Gatsuo, the 4th generation abbot of the Sennyu-ji temple, and donated a sub-temple to the high priest. The wooden sitting image of Kojin […]

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