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Famous Birthdays Today: 1804 – Townsend Harris, 1st Western Consul to Reside in Japan.

Townsend Harris (October 3, 1804 – February 25, 1878) was a successful New York City merchant and minor politician, and the first United States Consul General to Japan. He negotiated the “Harris Treaty” between the US and Japan and is credited as the diplomat who first opened the Empire of Japan to foreign trade and culture in the Edo period. […]

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Jidai Matsuri: Festival of Ages in Kyoto City!

Jidai Matsuri is one of Kyoto’s Big Three festivals, the other two being Aoi Matsuri and Gion Matsuri. Jidai Matsuri is always held on October the 22nd (though the actual festivities begin on October the 15th), which is what many see as Kyoto’s birthday, as that is the day that Emperor Kanmu, in the year 794, moved the capital from […]

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The Shuon’an Ikkyuji Temple Home of the Quick Witted Ikkyu san!

Ikkyu-ji, formally known as the Shuon’an Ikkyu-ji, is a temple dedicated to the famous Zen priest Ikkyu-zenji who rebuilt the temple – which was known as Myosho-ji, built by the high priest Daio-kokushu, at the time – and renamed it Shuon’an in the year 1456, 124 years after it was destroyed in the war of 1331. Ikkyu-zenji (1394-1481) lived the […]

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