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Famous Birthdays Today: 1127, Emperor Go-Shirakawa of Japan.

Emperor Go-Shirakawa (後白河天皇) (October 18, 1127 – April 26, 1192) was the 77th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. His reign spanned the years from 1155 through 1158. This 12th-century sovereign was named after the 11th century Emperor Shirakawa, and go- (後), translates literally as “later”; and thus, he is sometimes called the “Later Emperor Shirakawa”. […]

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Historical Events Today: 1192-Minamoto Yoritomo Becomes Seii Tai Shōgun and the De Facto Ruler of Japan.

Minamoto no Yoritomo (源 頼朝, May 9, 1147 – February 9, 1199) was the founder and the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate of Japan. He ruled from 1192 until 1199. Early life and exile (1147–1180): Yoritomo was the third son of Minamoto no Yoshitomo, heir of the Minamoto (Seiwa Genji) clan, and his official wife, a daughter of Fujiwara […]

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