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Battle of Ichi-no-Tani!

Ichi-no-Tani (一の谷) was a Taira fortress at Suma, to the west of present-day Kobe, Japan. It sat on a very narrow strip of shore, between mountains on the North, and the sea to the South. This made it quite defensible, but also made it difficult to manoeuvre troops inside the fortress. Minamoto no Yoshitsune split his force in three. Noriyori’s […]

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Jōmyō-Yama (浄妙山) During the Yamaboko Junko (山鉾巡行) in Kyoto,2012!

The Jōmyō-Yama (浄妙山) float derives its name from the “Hashi-gassen” (literally “Bridge Combat”) chapter of “The Tale of the Heike” (“Heike Monogatari”), a noted military epic written in the early 13th century. During the fighting in 1180 between the Heike and Genji clans Jomyo Tsutsui, a Genji military monk, stood on a beam of the half-broken bridge of the Uji […]

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Historical Events Today: 1188 -Accession to the throne of Japan by Emperor Antoku.

Emperor Antoku (安徳天皇 Antoku-tennō) (December 22, 1178 – April 25, 1185) was the 81st emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. His reign spanned the years from 1180 through 1185. During this time, the Imperial family was involved in a bitter struggle between warring clans. Yoritomo, with his cousin Yoshinaka, led a force from the Minamoto clan […]

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