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Battle of Ichi-no-Tani!

Ichi-no-Tani (一の谷) was a Taira fortress at Suma, to the west of present-day Kobe, Japan. It sat on a very narrow strip of shore, between mountains on the North, and the sea to the South. This made it quite defensible, but also made it difficult to manoeuvre troops inside the fortress. Minamoto no Yoshitsune split his force in three. Noriyori’s […]

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Famous Birthdays Today: 1888-Tojohiko Kagawa, Japan, Christian-social reformer (Grain of Wheat).

Toyohiko Kagawa (賀川 豊彦) was a Japanese Christian pacifist, Christian reformer, and labour activist. Kagawa wrote, spoke, and worked at length on ways to employ Christian principles in the ordering of society and cooperatives. His vocation to help the poor led him to live among them. He established schools, hospitals, and churches. Kagawa was born in Kobe, Japan to a […]

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