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38.000 Ears and Noses lay Buried here: Mimizuka (耳塚) in Kyoto!

Did you know about this? This often forgotten memorial is located not so far from the famous Kiyomizu dera temple and the Kyoto National museum on the Higashiyama and Shichijo crossing and just a few meters away from the Hokoku Shrine. The Hokuku shrine is also known as the Toyokuni shrine (豊国神社) honoring Toyotomi Hideyoshi! Hideyoshi being the guy ordering […]

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The Eulsa Treaty is signed between Japan and Korea.

Historical Events Today: 1905 – The Eulsa Treaty is signed between Japan and Korea. The Japan–Korea Treaty of 1905, also known as the Eulsa Protective Treaty or Japan–Korea Protectorate Treaty, was made between the Empire of Japan and the Korean Empire in 1905. Negotiations were concluded on November 17, 1905. In the metonymy “Ulsa Treaty,” the word Eulsa or Ulsa […]

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Historical Events Today: 1904 – Japan declares war on Russia!

The Russo-Japanese War (8 February 1904 – 5 September 1905) was “the first great war of the 20th century.” It grew out of rival imperial ambitions of the Russian Empire and Japanese Empire over Manchuria and Korea. The major theaters of operations were Southern Manchuria, specifically the area around the Liaodong Peninsula and Mukden, the seas around Korea, Japan, and […]

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