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Famous Birthdays Today: 1377-Emperor Go-Komatsu of Japan.

Emperor Go-Komatsu (後小松天皇 Go-Komatsu-tennō) (August 1, 1377 – December 1, 1433) was the 100th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. He is officially considered a pretender from May 24, 1382 to October 21, 1392, when Emperor Go-Kameyama abdicated. He is understood to have been a legitimate emperor (the 100th sovereign) from that date until October 5, […]

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Famous Deaths Today: 1374 – Emperor Go-Kogon of Japan.

Emperor Go-Kōgon (後光厳天皇 Go-Kōgon-tennō) (March 23, 1338 – March 12, 1374) was the 4th of the Ashikaga Pretenders during the Period of the Northern and Southern Courts. According to pre-Meiji scholars, his reign spanned the years from 1352 through 1371. This Nanboku-chō “sovereign” was named after his father Emperor Kōgon and go- (後), translates literally as “later;” and thus, he […]

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