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Nukata Hydrangea Orchards on Mt.Ikoma, Osaka.

Hydrangea-Rainy Season-Kansai: The rainy season is in full swing in the Kansai area and favourite past-time is viewing the Hydrangea or Ajisai as they are called in Japanese. In Kyoto there are quiet a few outstanding spots such as Fujinomori Shrine, Mimuroto-ji Temple in Uji and Sanzen-in Temple in Ohara. I have been to all those before so I was […]

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Morning Training of Kasugano Sumo Stable!

Sumo morning practice at Hoshida Kaikan in Osaka: This coming Sunday, March 8th, the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament will be held in Osaka. All regional sumo stables arrive in Osaka a few weeks prior to the start of the tournament. A friend invited me to come and enjoy the morning practice sessions of the Kasugano Stable (春日野部屋). These practice sessions […]

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Shōgatsu or New-Years Celebrations in Japan!

It is almost the end of 2012 and a few days ago I visited “The Black Gate Market” in Nipponbashi, Osaka. There were a lot of people looking for the best bargains to, end the year and ring in the new, in style. This market is quite colourful, there are a variety of shops and it’s usually very noisy. Have […]

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Historical Events Today: 1615 – Siege of Osaka!

Forces under the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu take Osaka Castle in Japan. The Siege of Osaka was a series of battles undertaken by the Tokugawa shogunate against the Toyotomi clan, and ending in that clan’s destruction. Divided into two stages (Winter Campaign and Summer Campaign), and lasting from 1614 to 1615, the siege put an end to the last major armed […]

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Famous Birthdays Today: 1637 – Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Unified Japan.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi was a daimyo warrior, general and politician of the Sengoku period. He unified the political factions of Japan. He succeeded his former liege lord, Oda Nobunaga, and brought an end to the Sengoku period. The period of his rule is often called the Momoyama period, named after Hideyoshi’s castle. He is noted for a number of cultural legacies, […]

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Universal Studios Japan: A Hollywood Experience!

Of the few amusement parks in Japan that are both worth going to and taking along friends, I can say readily that Universal Studios Japan is one of them. Located on the man-made archipelago of Sakura-jima in Osaka-fu,Universal Studios Japan is a massive park themed around various Universal Studios characters and movies – Snoopy, Spiderman, Jaws, Jurassic Park, etc. Easily reachable […]

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