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Tōji Temple: Guardian Bastion for Heian-kyō.

History of Tōji Temple: Tōji Temple (東寺) in the south-eastern part of Kyoto is a large complex with a history dating back more than a 1000 years ago. In the year 794 Emperor Kanmu moved the capital from Heijō-kyō (平城京-Nara) to Heian-kyō (平安京-Kyoto). He wanted to have two guardian temples to protect the new capital, one in the East and […]

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Ninna-ji Temple Founded in AD 888 By Emperor Uda!

After visiting Ryoan-ji temple we made our way to the Ninna-ji temple which is a short 20 minutes walk along a scenic road. You could also take a bus or taxi. Like Ryoan-ji, Ninna-ji is a large compound of which the Nio-mon gate is one of the most impressive structure I have seen. It is huge and is flanked by […]

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