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Yakiniku at Kaiun-tei in Uji, Kyoto-Japan!

Yakiniku: In search of It has been raining in Kyoto for the past several days and a typhoon is on its way, it is number 18. The summer heat has sub-sided and with it the quest for eating warmer tasting foods. Todays lunch choice was Yakiniku (焼き肉) as we set out to find a suitable diner near where we live. We […]

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Daimyo Nagai Naomasa’s Kōshō-ji Temple in Uji!

Reestablished in 1648, Kōshō-ji Temple, with its white Chinese-style gate, reflects the solemn atmosphere of the Zen sect. The slope between the riverside and the temple is called Kotozaka, one of the 12 Beauty Spots of Uji. Here you can enjoy the tinted autumnal leaves. In 1233, after his return from his study mission to China, Dōgen Zenji founded the […]

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Uji shrine by the Asagiri bridge in Uji City!

Last Friday (October 26) was such a nice autumn day here in Kyoto, I decided to walk around the Ujigawa River in Uji. Visited several historical places and shrines. Among them the Uji shrine by the Asagiri bridge. Here a little more about this shrine: When you pass through the shrine gate at the foot of the vermilion-coloured Asagiri Bridge, […]

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A Simple Japanese Tea Guide!

Here a few popular Japanese teas . The area where I live has many famous tea plantation and is known as Uji cha. Shincha, literally “new tea”, represents the first month’s harvest of Sencha, a Japanese green tea. Basically, it is the same as ichibancha, “the first-picked tea,” and is characterized by its fresh aroma and sweetness. Use of the […]

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Treasures of the Shirakawa Village in Uji City!

The Hakusan Shrine: The Hakusan Shrine is located in the Shirakawa Village, a quiet small village in the mountains, which is located southeast of the Uji Bridge, just over the hill. It is said that the shrine was built when smallpox spread in the latter half of the eight century, in the hope of a cure. Later it became a […]

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